keto tiramisu recipe

Tiramisu is a popular dessert all over the world and has its origin from Italy. If you are a coffee lover, chances are you are familiar with this decadent dessert. This is a perfect example of pairing dissimilar flavours together and getting a mouth-watering final combination. All the ingredients that incorporates Tiramisu are rich and flavourful that it is a recipe that just can’t go wrong. As delicious as it is, not something one can have as an every-day go to snack. Here is our tried and tested keto tiramisu which is completely guilt free indulgence for your keto journey. Loaded with collagen, the recipe is just as good as the non keto version and nutritionally better as well.

The recipe involves making a keto sponge cake, preparing the cream and assembling them together with coffee. The below recipe is using instant coffee. You may also use espresso to make up to equivalent amount.


Serves 4

For the Sponge

Eggs 3 large or 180g

Butter melted unsalted 100g 

Baking powder 1 teaspoon or 5g

Almong flour 1 and ½ cups or 100g

Collagen 4 scoops or 80g

Splenda (or equivalent) 1 cup (20g)

Mascarpone cream

Mascarpone 200g

Splenda or equivalent sweetener 10g

Collagen 2 scoops  or 40g 

Whipping cream/double cream 300g



Instant coffee 2 teaspoon or 10g 

Warm water 100ml 


For Dusting

Cocoa powder 10g 


Separate the eggwhites and beat them to stiff peaks. Keep aside. Add the stevia to egg yolk, beat an incorporate well. Add the melted butter and mix well. Mix evenly almond flour, collagen and baking powder in a bowl and add to egg yolk mix. Mix well. Add eggwhites and fold in well with a spatula or spoon. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degree Celsius for 25-30 minutes. Use pan lined with baking paper smeared with butter on the sides. Once it is cooled, ease out of pan and cut into finger length pieces


To make the cream, whip mascarpone well and add to whipped cream (or whip double cream till fluffy and stiff). Add sweetener and collagen and incorporate well by mixing.


Make up coffee and pour spoon full on cut sponge fingers. Make one layer of soaked sponge bottom of a small container. Add a layer of cream on top. Repeat another layer or sponge followed by cream. Dust the top with cocoa powder. Keep in fridge for 1 hour to serve chilled. Will stay fresh in fridge for 2 days.

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Should I take a break at any time from consuming collagen?

Collagen is a nutrient, there is no need to take breaks from consuming it. It is very safe for consumption, even if you take a double dose. If you skip a day, you will miss out on that day’s benefits, but that is all. Of course, please do not consume more than the daily recommended amount, for example, drink the monthly dose at once.

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Does it interfere with medications?

Most of us take it along with prescribed medications without issues, but before starting we all consulted our medical professionals. This is what we recommend for you as well. For your body, it’s less of a strain than drinking a broth. If your meds don’t allow coffee, drink it in decaffeinated tea or water. 

I placed my order. What happens next?

After clicking on ‘order’ you are redirected to the form where you can provide shipping and billing details. From here, you are redirected to the payment window of Stripe where you can pay by card.

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If you wish to use a different payment method, please send us an email to This option has further expenses, thus we do not recommend it.

Is intermittent fasting necessary?

Short answer: no.  

Long answer: Intermittent fasting is wonderful as it is an investment in your health that has results that do not require you doing anything. But fasting is not at all necessary. Even if you don’t change anything, you will still see results from a dose (30 grams) of collagen 30 minutes after waking up. Intermittent fasting is an optional extra – 3 or 4 days a week – when you eat the same as regularly in a shorter amount of time, for example you eat only between noon and 8 pm.
If you wish to maximize results, we share all the details with you in the Collagen Club and the materials of the knowledge base. Intermittent fasting is a high yield, low risk experiment you can take following the guidelines: for breakfast coffee or tea with collagen and ghee, regular lunch for 3-4 days a week. On the rest of the days, you can have breakfast with your morning bulletproof coffee. I suggest small changes at first which can be maintained on the long-term.

What exactly is in the Collagen Protein?

The ingredients of the Inner Beauty and Strength Collagen protein are: collagen, Vitamin C which helps absorption. It is tasteless – no artificial or natural additives, sweeteners, raising agents. 3 collagen proteins are in it: skin, muscle and joint.
The monthly dose is 30×33.3 gram collagen. We include a measuring spoon as a gift.

Is the collagen certified as safe?

TYes. This is a professional supplement coming from a specialized factory. We created the recipe with them and have all of the necessary certifications, permits. Before going to market, all products are tested by us.

What does it taste like?

It is tasteless. Often the flavoring itself can trigger a hidden allergic response, and the sweetener can trigger an insulin response, which can destroy the results of intermittent fasting. In addition, you get bored of the flavors after a while. We decided to make it tasteless, and you can add any flavoring to your coffee or tea – cinnamon, vanilla, etc.

How does ordering work? Do I have to notify you when I am out of the collagen to get more?

After clicking on ‘order’ you are redirected to the form where you can provide shipping and billing details. From here, you are redirected to the payment window of Stripe where you can pay by card.

The package is delivered by GLS. You will receive an email notification before delivery where you are able to change the delivery date and location if needed.

If you chose the monthly delivery, we will automatically ship the next month’s package and charge the amount from the card given at initial ordering. If you wish to cancel the monthly delivery, please do so before next month’s order is shipped. You are able to cancel anytime through Stripe (a notification from Stripe will be sent via email). You can also write us an email if you wish to cancel to Please send us the cancellation email at least 3 days before we ship next month’s package. If you wish to use a different payment method, please send us an email to This option has further expenses, thus we do not recommend it.

International delivery

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What can I expect after a month?

You can read Szilvi’s experiences below:


Thank you!

I can’t say a lot about the effects as I only had 1 month’s dose. 

But I really like knowing that when I’m hungry and want to snack, I have something healthy and tasty to turn to 🙂 and I don’t crave anything else afterwards:)

It’s as if my skin is more supple, but maybe this is just placebo that I want to see. I hope to tell more after the second month’s dose 🙂

Thank you again:)

Have a nice day,



That’s wonderful 🙂 

It is not placebo. Skin our largest organ is made up of collagen! 

All the best,


Have more questions?

Write us an email to  kollagenfeherje@gmail.comand we will be happy to help. 

Ha bármiben segíthetünk, írj email címre és igyekszünk válaszolni minden kérdésedre. 

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